Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Raspberry Pi Model B+ Unboxing!

Hi guys, it been a long time since i last update this blog. Here is something new for you. The Model B+ unboxing!

I've purchased this from element14 as well. Same purchasing procedure like my model B post here.

So without further delay, some pictures for you to see.

Element14 Packaging
The stuff inside the box

MC-RP002-CLR Pi casing, Wifi Module and Pi Model B+
Removing the plastic covers...

Here are some views from different angle of model B+...

B+ Side View 1: Micro USB, HDMI & RCA port
B+ Side View 2: LAN & USB ports
B+ Side View 3: The GPIOs
B+ Close Up Top View: The SMTs and BCM SoC
B+ Back View: The micro SD card slot
B+ with the casing and WiFi module installed
Powering on The B+

Here is a simple review on the casing, MC-RP002-CLR enclosure is pretty easy to use. It doesn't require a lot of work to install. The installation is available for download in the element14 page. 

  1. The B+ board doesn't sit tightly in the casing, it still have small room for the board to move around inside the casing. 
  2. Don't ever drop the your B+ with the casing. Feels like it is going to break it you exert too much force.
  1. You must install the rubber pad beneath your casing, it sits firmly on the desk and won't move around easily.
  2. Dust proof =)

That's it. Hope you enjoy this. Happy 2015!

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