Sunday, July 3, 2016

Raspberry Pi 3 Unboxing!

Its been a while since my last post, was busy working on stuffs and finally got some time to do this again.

The Raspberry Pi 3 unboxing! Finally got my hands on one of the device and got a chance to take a few pictures.

Here you go. Enjoy the pictures!

Figure 1: The long awaited Raspberry Pi 3 in the box

Figure 2: The Pi Casing from RS
Figure 3: Taking apart the casing. Looks and feel sturdy than my last casing
Figure 4: Pi 3 board itself, HDMI angle
Figure 5: Pi 3 board, GPIO angle
Figure 6: Pi3 board, USB angle
Figure 7: Pi 3 board bottom view
Figure 8: Pi 3 board sitting on top of bottom casing
Figure 9: Pi 3 board with middle casing on top
Figure 10: Pi 3 with top casing mounted

Here is what i have for today! Overall the casing is quite solid, the top casing can be taken off easily to allow peripherals connected to the board, i think there is some room to place a fan as well. The casing won't slide easily when place on top of slippery surface due to the rubber at the bottom casing.

I managed to power up the Pi 3 as well, overall i did feel the startup speed improves compared to Pi 2, but based on my one day experience with Pi 3, generally i would say performance won't be a lot faster compared to Pi 2, maybe until we got a x64 raspbian available then we can know for sure. =)

Hope you enjoy the post! Thank you for reading!

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